Why I interpret as my career

On Sept. 22nd, 2015, I had a deep thought on what I should focus on as my career. There are things I don’t want to give up, and yet know that there won’t be a good result even if I try. There are also things I know will go well in the coming future. But unfortunately, I’m not into that industry.

I couldn’t make a decision and then my uncle came into my mind. He is a successful businessman, husband and son and a responsible man who started from scratch and built his own business that improved not only his own life standard but also many people around him. I couldn’t help sending him a message explaining what I was thinking about and my situation. 40 minutes after that, I received a long message of over 700 words from him. I would very much like to express my thanks to this great uncle who takes me seriously and is willing to help me out. His words are just like a beacon that guides me to a clear direction with a more determined heart.

In the 700 words he stressed one sentence 3 times: make full use of what you do best. Set your goal and go towards it.

Thinking about successful people around me I suddenly realized that one thing in common of these people is that they all do one thing at a time and for a long time. My uncle has been doing construction materials for over 30 years;my friend, happy, who is 2 years older than me, has been doing lighting business for 5 years…

After all these, I have made up my mind. I will spent most of my time on the thing I love and am best at: interpreting.

I’m actually a very good business and trade associated interpreter, including Canton Fair Interpreter and all types of trade fair interpreters, China visit interpreter, business meeting interpreter and industrial interpreter etc. My customers are mainly businessman, trader and buyer from around the world and China suppliers. English interpretation is my main language, but I’m also cooperating with other interpreters for Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portugees, Japanese and Korean etc.

Please contact me to book my interpretation service or simply say hi.