How to find a good and experienced Guangzhou interpreter?

If you’re coming to China and are in need of a Guangzhou interpreter, you may find my below comments useful for you.

The Canton Fair and many other trade fairs are held in Guangzhou and thus, interpreters are needed for businesses and for travels. If you’ve attended the Canton Fair you would be aware of that there are dozens of interpreters waiting outside of the Canton Fair Complex, expecting a job from customers passing by. If you search for an interpreter online, you’ll also find that there are so many of them out there.

In below paragraphs I will be expressing my thoughts in three points: 1, how to find an interpreter; 2, how to make sure the interpreter is good and experienced; 3, some common characters of good interpreters from Guangzhou.

Point One: how to find an interpreter.

Generally speaking there are two ways:

1), Offline. Basically this means to look for an interpreter when you are in Guangzhou at the Canton Fair Complex (or any other fairs). Go to the interpreter area outside of the entrance and talk to someone you’d like to.

2), Online. This is an efficient and more guaranteed way as per my point of view but you gotta know how to choose, of course.

(1). Search google for Guangzhou interpreter, Canton Fair Interpreter, Interpreter Guangzhou etc. and you’ll find pages of results of interpreters. What you need to do next is to find the contact information and contact via email or WhatsApp or call directly.

(2). Make use of classifieds like craigslist. Searching on that website you’ll find posts by interpreters from around the world. Set the location to Guangzhou and you’ll find useful information.

(3). Interpreter and customer platform website, which I’m trying to build and hopefully will bring more conveniences to both clients and interpreters in the near future.

Point Two: how to make sure the interpreter is good and experienced.

Sometimes you are lucky to find the right interpreter at one shot. However, in most cases you may need to talk to at least 2 interpreters to find one that meets your needs. Here are some suggestions:

1), Ask the interpreter to briefly introduce himself. (This is to test the language level).

2), Ask the interpreter if he has any experience in working as an interpreter at Canton Fair (or any other trade fair) or if he has visited wholesale markets or factories with other customers before. This will be a very easy question if he is experienced.

3), Ask the interpreter which countries’ clients he’s interpreted for before and weather he can explain a little bit on the job. Some accents are a little difficult for some interpreters and it’s better to make sure that you and the interpreter has no problem communicating with each other.

The above 3 questions should be enough to judge if the interpreter is good and experienced and whether he meets your needs.

Point Three: 3 characters good Guangzhou interpreters have in common.

1. A good and experienced Guangzhou interpreter is familiar with the airport, train station, star hotels, wholesale markets and the canton fair complex as the route is usually from the airport(or train station) to the hotel and then to the wholesale market or the canton fair complex. So he should be very familiar with these places.

2. A good and experienced Guangzhou interpreter is more confident rationally. The more an interpreter knows, the less he likes to show off. Getting to the point is more important than useless long answers.

3. Price is middle to high. A good and experienced interpreter focuses on quality. He quotes based on the value he can provide the customer with.

Lastly, I would recommend one of the good and experienced interpreters, and that’s me. I hope there is a chance we can work together.

You can know more about me or book my service.

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