Familiar Industries

Below is a list of my familiar industries. For many of these industries or products, I already know some good suppliers and I would like to introduce them to you upon request.

Disposable towels (non woven products)

Tub and Liner for spa.

Naifile and pedicure file, shining buffer and related products

Stationery (office supplies etc.)

Gifts (USB, promotion pens, bags, etc.)

Bikes (Normal bikes, fat bikes etc.)

Electronics( power bank, USB cable, adapter )

LED lights for car and motor

Wedding invitation cards

Garments (dress, top, blouse, skirt, pants, jeans, shorts, coats…)

Glass products (jars, cups)

Hard ware (construction materials, blind rivet, scafolding etc.)

Furnitures (Chairs, tables, wardrboes, beds, mats etc.)

Home appliances (fans etc.)

Bags, shoes

Packaging boxes

Insulation products

Maritime affairs

It doesn’t necessiarily mean I don’t know about the industry or product if not listed above. Plus, my knowledge base and method of learning enable me to learn things fast. So please don’t hesitate to contact me for my services.

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